Do you want to be more productive when creating slides?

We are developing Shape for PowerPoint, a tool that helps you to rapidly create beautiful slides! This is not another template system – Shape connects to your data to make your slides smarter.

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Shape is built on four guiding principles

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When you know what you want to make, creating slides should be a breeze! Today's process involves too many tedious, repetitive steps. We strive to make it easy to create great slides fast.

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With thousands of ways to organize and present your information, we understand that flexibility is key in order to be effective. We will empower you to do what you want, not constrain you into doing it our way.

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You spend too much time on redoing what you have already done before. We ensure that it is easier and faster to keep your slides up to date when you have updated input, which will increase quality as well!

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Ease of use

Why should a powerful tool be hard to use? We know that you just want to do your work, so we make every design decision with simplicity in mind. We will provide documentation and training – we just do not believe you will need much!

Shape is currently under active development. We don't have a firm release date yet, but we will announce exciting news throughout 2016.

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